Residential Cleaning Policy

Our goal at A&A is to ensure that your family will always have the best cleaning options available. We don’t sweep through a home in order to meet a cleaning quote; we provide the highest levels of quality and customer service in the area. Our fees are based on the cleaning frequency and verified square footage of the home. To achieve this goal, we adhere to the following policy.


Initial Cleaning

During the first cleaning at home, we perform a “deep cleaning” which requires an initial fee. This allows us to have a cleaning baseline to maintain for the future.  Subsequent cleaning prices are based on frequency and therefore are lower than the initial cleaning.  However, it if has been 30 days since the last time the home was serviced; we would need to perform another “deep cleaning” with the corresponding charge for such cleaning.


Cleaning Supplies Furnished

A&A will provide all cleaning products and equipment to complete the cleaning service.

If the customer has wood or laminate floors, we request that they provide the cleaning product of their choice to clean this type of flooring.  Also, if the customer desires to use their own products/equipment, that needs to be stated prior to the scheduled cleaning.


Service Policy

It’s company policy that if an area of the home was not service to standards, we will re-send staff (within the next business day) to rectify the area of concern.


Arrival Times

We provide a time frame in which our professionals will arrive to the home (Morning 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.)  (Afternoon 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.).  A&A strives to arrive to the scheduled cleanings in a timely manner.  Each home gets the attention it deserves and not a pre-determined amount of time.  Please note that times are not guaranteed, hence we provide the morning and afternoon time frames.  If needed, we can give the customer a 30 minute courtesy call prior to arriving to the home.


Pet Policy

At A&A Cleaning, we love pets but we kindly ask that on the day of your appointment you secure your pet in a crate or room that the cleaning crew will not be entering.  It is very important for us that you secure your pet as they may inadvertently try to run out while the crew is entering and exiting the home. We do not pick up or clean feces.


Theft Policy

A&A Cleaning Services in insured and bonded and we pride ourselves in hiring the best qualified individuals with integrity.  Before we allow any employee into your home, they are background checked.  Should any concerns may arise regarding missing items from a home, it needs to be brought to our attention immediately.  We will respond accordingly, including sending the crew to have a polygraph test conducted since we take all accusations as a grave matter.   We also ask the homeowner, if necessary, to file a police report.

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